Nighttime sailing

We have done an awful lot of nighttime sailing during this year, and will be doing 2-3 nights more on the last stretch to Hong Kong. In fact, most of the legs have required at least one night at sea. Sailing during the night is a completely different experience than sailing during the day. … Continue reading

Small boat in big Kaohsiung

We arrived in Kaohsiung just before sunset on Sunday. As mentioned in the previous post, Kaohsiung is Taiwan's second largest city, so a nice change from Kenting and Hualien which were rather small. Kaohsiung is also Taiwan's largest port, and as we chose to enter the port from its south entrance, … Continue reading

Kenting area

We have been in Kenting in southern Taiwan for 1,5 weeks now. It was an overnight sail to get here from Hualien – one of rather few coastal legs that we have done this year. It was the time of the month when there was no moon at all, but we had the collective bright light from Taiwanese cities … Continue reading