Boat music

While Mr Finn and I are busy handling administrative matters and taking care of never-ending boat related work, the girls are busy with their boat school work. In music, they have together chosen to rehearse the very aptly named Con Te Partiro (English title Time to Say Goodbye) piece made famous by Andrea Bocelli. Big Sis arranged the piece for clarinet, cello and piano, and the girls then played it on their instruments (yes, we really do have quite a few musical instruments on the boat!).

The final recording can be found below. The piano part is played by Big Sis and was recorded in Subic Bay, Philippines. The cello is played by Lil Sis and the clarinet is played by Big Sis, and those instruments were recorded here in Ishigaki, Japan. Any odd noises heard in the background are due to the marine recording environment…

This recording exercise has also taught the girls some basics about boat electricity, as it has been necessary to use an inverter to get electricity for the piano without the hum of the generator in the background. Talk about a diverse learning experience!

“Time to say goodbye.
Places that I’ve never seen
Or experienced with you,
Now I shall.
I’ll sail with you upon ships across the seas,
Seas that exist no more.
It’s time to say goodbye”

(Con Te Partiro – music by Francesco Sartori, English lyrics by Frank Peterson)

Boat cello and piano installation




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  1. Nice recording! Musical girls, and you have learned about arranging, playing and recording – on a boat!!!

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