On our second leg

We have now been on the second leg of our journey for one week. It has been a very fascinating but also tiring week. We left Subic Bay on Monday 1 May, and have not been at a marina or dock since – there have been none heading up the northern coast of the Philippines. We have been at sea for four nights, and have anchored for three. We have had times of no wind, but also some rough conditions when rounding the northwestern corner of the Philippines. We have managed to get some fuel along the way, with locals bringing it to the boat in jerry cans. We’ve also managed to stock up on the lovely fresh fruit that the Philippines are known for, again with locals going to the market with our shopping list and bringing the goods to us for a small fee. However, there has been no place to fill our water tanks, which means that we are only using water as and when truly needed. I won’t say how many days we have gone without showering, but in the words of a friend, showering is overrated anyway…Also, if it gets to be too much, a dip in the ocean helps too.

We will write a longer report about the places we have anchored when we have better access to the internet, and more time on our hands. Right now, we are in the process of clearing out of the Philippines, and readying ourselves for an offshore passage.

Fuel delivery.
Fruit delivery and rubbish collection all in one.
Lil Sis snorkeling at one of the anchoring spots.


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